Fitness Challenge F.A.Q

1. What is the 30 Day Fitness Challenge?

The 30 Day Fitness Challenge hosted by No Waist Clique for our community. It is 30 Days in which you commit to creating a healthier you! You can participate in weigh-in for accountability, access daily workouts, tips and recipes online, PLUS get great discounts and resources!

2. Why should I do the 30 Day Fitness Challenge?

Whether you're in it to win it or to help hold yourself accountable for 30 days, the Challenge has something in it for everyone. Signing up you can expect a full 4-week transformation program with daily workouts, recipes and coaching tips, AND access to sweet discounts.

3. Is the 30-Day challenge just a weight loss challenge?

No way! The 30-Day Challenge includes a Weight Loss category AND a Transformation category you choose which you think is best suited for you. PLUS you get to participate in online weekly events led by experienced trainers learn new workouts, gain valuable nutrition education and phenomenal lifestyle tips you can implement today.

4. What do I get as part of the 30 Day Challenge?

  • 30-minute goal-setting session with a online Personal Trainer
  • Exclusive discounts on select No Waist Clique products 
  • 4-week Transformation Program, with daily workouts, 30-Day approved recipes and weekly coaching tips and videos
  • Get Started Guide with cardio and strength training guides, a nutrition guide and grocery list, a supplement guide and tips from the 30-Day Transformation Team
  • National cash prizes (up to $1,000 cash + $500 in gift cards)*

5. When does the Challenge start?

The Challenge kicks off Monday October 16, 2017. This marks Day 1 of the Challenge, but you are able to register and send before pictures until October 22, 2017.


6. How much does it cost?

The Challenge registration fee is $40.

7. How can I register?

You can register on or directly through our website under Fitness Challenge.

8. When does registration close?

The last day to register is October 22, 2017.

9. What are the prizes?

Winners & Prizes:

1st Place- $1,000 cash prize + $100 gift card issued from No Waist Clique

2nd Place- $400 cash prize + $75 gift card issued from No Waist Clique

3rd Place- $200 cash prize + $50 gift card issued from No Waist Clique

*Refer a friend and add a extra $50 for each friend to your cash prize if you win. When you refer your friends email us their first and last name and we will add your $50 credit to your account and will be redeemed if you win.

*Cash prize can increase up to $5,000